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The Little-Known Secrets To Sexy Panties

Date Added: July 11, 2014 07:49:20 PM
Author: Jorg Montoya
Category: Arts

According to the survey, washing machines due to the long period of wet environment, fungi are also a lot of breeding, which can easily lead to the use of a washing machine laundry "secondary pollution." If you have put all the clothes are put together shuffled habits, then these fungal infection in women is very Yung clothing, causing vaginitis and other gynecological diseases. Therefore, the underwear must be cleaned separately. Accompanied by a woman and underwear every day, not just wear beautiful lingerie for yourself, but also for herself content. While the other half of the vision care preferences, but compared to the hot, fancy underwear styles, most women prefer elegant and simple. Clothing and underwear is the most personal, more importantly, it should play a role in protecting the private parts, but if you select a substandard quality underwear, then it will hurt the private part of health. Speaking on the topic of how to pick the underwear, small presents three proposals for the selection of women's underwear, sexy underwear is necessary to ensure that enough, but also to ensure high quality underwear, then underwear described below with reference to the selection principle it. 1, underwear to choose materials Yesterday, the Guangzhou Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau released a report on the quality of the city's sphere of production home clothes, pajamas underwear, car care products and wood products inspection results. Among them, the Latin American children, Han Jiao Ni, fiber Shi Ting, a small woman in 21 batches of substandard underwear brand, America Fuerst, Green Grid, and other brands of Tianyang car care products are not standard. Quality supervision departments to remind consumers in the purchase of lingerie sleepwear, to see their logo on the packaging of the product, carefully chosen with a pungent odor products, but the proposed election of a light-colored or white products that can reduce biodegradable products contain carcinogenic aromatic amine dyes opportunity. This is a healthy common sense, a lot of people know that so many people have taken a hand. But if you are busy workplace, every change of underwear, really is a laborious thing. So, small advice spend a little money, buy a special underwear washing machine, is a very wise choice. Clean underwear, the best hand wash, do not use powerful washing powder. When the machine is very easy to wash detergent residues and induce skin allergies, the site will give women an adverse physiological stimuli. Also not recommended to use soap, you can choose a special underwear washing liquid. After washed underwear, underwear hanging out of the sun is necessary because sunlight contains ultraviolet disinfection to have a natural effect, in order to better maintain the health underwear. Many women prefer tight underwear, because Casual Women Dresses they are more sexy. However, this sexy at the expense of some health. This is due to the lack of air circulation, the heat is hard to be tight-fitting undergarment away, would be bacteria, fungi and parasites hotbed of pathogenic microorganisms and the high heat can cause genital infections directly. In the case of genital infections still wearing this underwear, will slow down the speed of recovery! And relatively speaking, loose women's underwear can provide more comfort and health protection for women. However, most women loose underwear but was considered unattractive. Fortunately, there is now on the market relaxed style of bikini underwear, similar pants, most of them are very innovative design, which can provide both a healthy and sexy choice for the crush. In selecting a material in the production of underwear, several factors are critical, for example ventilation area, static electricity is easily generated, the existence of potential allergens. Sometimes women find that there will be a rash, itching and other symptoms after wearing underwear is static at play. Irritation to the skin of synthetic underwear much greater natural fibers, natural fiber underwear so often better. 2, to choose the color of underwear Because of vaginitis, female reproductive system cancer, vaginal discharge will become cloudy, even reddish, yellow, these are signals of the disease. If these phenomena can be found early and treated early, you can get better results. If worn too dark or patterned floral underwear, vaginal lesions can not be found in time, it could delay the disease, so do not always wear dark underwear. Reduce the frequency of wear dark underwear can also avoid excessive industrial dyes and into our bodies. To read more information regarding Casual Women Dresses look at the website.