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Exactly What Is The Virgin Hair Meaning?

Date Added: April 25, 2014 01:45:57 PM
Author: Darwin Pryor
Category: Home: Entertaining

For real virgin hair you will find a abvouis factor compared to man made hair, which is when it is being in the water it could actually still keep a wavy style. One important truth is that none of the real(original) hair from Brazil, India or Malaysia can keep very shiny when girls purchase them, in short, it should appear to be low luster hair type for real hair rather than the bright hair type, after you choose the shiny hair, after couple of days wearing and being cleaned off, you will see that they may be getting worse. Consist of only natural material in hair which includes natural color(dark brown, medium brown, natural black and jet black, even grey color), virgin hair means you'll find nothing chemical things in it. If you are able to get hair in a number of shades, it¡¯s dyed, hence chemically processed with no longer virgin. Furthermore, as soon as you get your virgin hair and dye it later to match with your hair, it's not virgin hair anymore. Real hair isn't totally wavy or curly. If your bundle shapes an ideal S, or has a few obvious wave pattern, it may possibly have been chemically processed to look like it.Some reliable companies do flat iron or straighten the hair so it can gain some sort of shape, but that shape aren't excellent, as you well realize that even after curling or straightening with heating tools the hair will lose that perfect shape after a few hours. Another telltale sign of virgin hair is that no two bundles of it is ever going to look the same, as normally, the hair bundles come from various donors. So, if there are rows and rows of similar looking hair, turn away and go out, because that is definitely not real hair. Natural real hair has a certain smell into it, just like your own hair. Some companies shampoo and condition the hair to wash it before placing it up on the market, however that shampoo smell must vary from heavy, chemicals?ˉ scent, and should also not smell like a beauty shop. A giveaway clue to any kind of fake hair is that it knots and frizzes a lot, especially after dyeing. Natural hair as well tangle and frequently frizz too, but not excessively.If your recently bought hair is difficult to untangle and smooth, it¡¯s probably not virgin.However, if the hair you purchased is actually long and quite often tangles at the back of the neck, it¡¯s just probably with the length of hair. If you can get the knots out easily, you shouldn¡¯t be too anxious. Another clue that¡¯ll determine if your new hair is virgin or not, is how it reacts to color. If you're attempting to dye it blond and can turn greenish or gray, or doesn¡¯t change color at all, it¡¯s certainly not virgin hair. If you wish to determine if the hair has been colored before, put the hair in hot water and see if any color will bleed in it. If it does, it¡¯s obviously not virgin. A fantastic sign to determine if your virgin hair is actually virgin would be to research the company you're buying it from. If the company has cleared customer services and return policies, or some cash back guarantee, then it¡¯s probably because they are confident of the product.Beside that you'd better create a brief research on that company to find out what other people reviews in it, there're a great deal of people out there wants to share their shopping experience online. Also remember that ALL virgin hair is not Brazilian. Companies are also importing it from India as well as your vendor must be able to tell you if the hair you are looking for is Brazilian or Indian. Since majority of Brazilian and Indian hair are rich, voluminous hair, it has to get a bounce to it. If you've seen a Brazilian or Indian woman walk, you'll have seen that their hair features a sort of life to them, and move about when they walk. If your hair bundles you are looking for appear too rigid or straight, it¡¯s probably been processed. Virgin hair may go along with some grey strands or a few split ends. That?ˉs natural.