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Comparing The Types Of Two Way Radios

Date Added: May 09, 2014 04:22:20 AM
Author: Danae Gabriel
Category: Business: Opportunities

What is your favorite feature of my two way radios? In my opinion, I much like the design job - It is cooler than an Inuits underpants! A 2 way radio is a device that can be used for two way communication between specified ranges. A 2 Way Radio is available in different styles. The most popularly styles that are used are the Family Radio service and the General Mobile Radio service. These radio If you loved this write-up and you would such as to receive additional information pertaining to motorola SL4000 two way radio kindly visit our own website. styles have become increasingly popular and can be put to use in a large number of applications. These can be conveniently used for both indoor and outdoor activities. These types of radios can be used for hunting, skiing, personal use, in shopping malls, for business purposes etc. The main reason for the popularity of these radios is that they are very easy to operate and handle. Both family radio service and general mobile radio service radios are very light weight and can be easily carried from one place to another. Both these types of radios are not much susceptible to other signals and interference from other devices. Both the styles are compact and use the wireless technology to operate. There are no fees for using these radios and also nothing is charged for using the airtime and there are no per- call charges system for these radios. These 2 way radios operate in a line of sight frequency. This means that they operate the best when there are no obstacles or interference. In addition they can be the most effective when they are used in plain terrains. In hilly areas, the efficiency as well as effectiveness of these radios decreases. Yet there are several differences between the two radio styles. The family service Walkie Talkie is the one that can operate within a short range very effectively. The range within which it can operate is two miles. This type of a 2 way radio can have up to 14 channels and can catch various frequencies for these channels. The use of various frequencies over this type of a radio does not require any license. Also the family service radio is the one whose accessories like the antennae cannot be modified for making them capable of transmitting data over long distances. These are very affordable. The general mobile radio service is the one that can operate in wider ranges. These radios can operate within a range of 20 miles. It can have up to 22 channels. To use various frequencies over this radio, one needs to obtain a license. If a license is not obtained, then a legal action is taken against the person. The antennae of the general mobile radio service radios can be modified so that they can operate in a much larger range. These 2 way radios are expensive. When purchasing any of these radios, it must be kept in mind that their features need to be compared so that one can buy the radio that best suits the needs and requirements of a person. Also it must be kept in mind to compare their costs. Today, these radios have been incorporated with additional features. So a user must make sure to check these as well before buying. os