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Phuket Package Tour - Get Ideas To Make Your Tour Exciting

Date Added: May 15, 2014 03:04:01 AM
Author: Suzette Bolick
Category: Health: Travel Health

Hold one to your ear and you remember salty air, crashing waves and sand between your toes. Everyone knows that you can hear the sea inside a seashell. The prospects of clear blue waters and immaculate white sands draws multitudes to this island each year. Boasting some of the world's most breathtaking beaches, Phuket Thailand is truly a vision of paradise phuket hotel -, on Earth. Look for a Phuket resort that matches your needs. Staying at Phuket is very interesting. This is a great place which holds a lot of educational interest. Whether you are a student, an artist or just a tourist looking for a great time, make this a priority on your list of places to visit and you will be glad that you did. Try a Patong beach resort such as the Millennium Resort Patong Phuket. The Thai Hua Museum does a great job in explaining Phuket history and also the other connections with countries, such as the Phuket-China connection. It functions as an exhibition center as well as a hall for functions and of course, as a museum. One of the best maintained Sino-Portuguese buildings of the present time, the Thai Hua Museum is a multi functioning space. Built in 1917, this was originally known as the 'Phuket Huabun School.' There is a large section in the museum that is dedicated to the old Sino-Portuguese period and this beautiful museum was also listed in the '18 Great Mansions of Phuket.' As we reported last month, Amari Estates has also announced the launch of a new residential property development just south of Patong Beach in Phuket. The company plans to develop eco-friendly bungalows, using land already owned by Amari, at Baan Krating, Nai Harn and on the hillside adjacent to the Baan Krating Khao Lak Resort. Choose among plenty of shells and pearls of the gift shop as a souvenir of your seaside vacation. Displaying rare exhibits worth millions of dollars, the Shell World Museum is a fun and quirky place to learn about the bizarre world of molluscs. nJungceylon mall is only a few minutes from Patong beach, and its cinema complex, gaming centers, bowling alleys and abundant shopping arcades are connected to the Millennium Resort Patong Phuket. Avoid crowded streets and go straight into a world of entertainment through this Patong beach resort. Besides, it also lets you engage yourself with various joyful activities and enhance your enjoyment. It of course makes your travel experience great and exciting by offering lots of benefits and also reduces your leisure expenses while travelling. nConsisted of various features and the most appropriate option for visitors, the package lets you visit various important and famous tourist spots, beautiful islands, and lots more while letting you experience a cost effective journey. Collected over three generations by the Patamakanthin family, the museum showcases species from all over the world. For an even more intimate affair, rent a private island where the beauty and serenity is all yours to enjoy. nThe seas of Thailand are also an intriguing place for collectors of exotic seashells, and the best examples can be seen in the large collection seen in Shell World Museum in the Jungceylon megamall near Patong Beach. There are a couple of shops completely dedicated to the little ones and for Golfers, there is the Golf Challenge; a massive shop that specializes in professional equipment, accessories and apparel brands. For those of you who want to pick up a couple of Thai souveniers in the Premium Outlet, there is no better place than the Tha Chang Shop. Put your mobile phone in a plastic bag or it will get wet But, if you really want to enjoy Songkran, buy yourself a super-soaker and join the fun! Buy a plastic mac (try the 7-Elevens - there are loads of them) 2. Tomorrow, 13th April, is the big day. If you go out, prepare well. Thai New Year is celebrated in April each year. Here's my handy check-list: 1. Thailand adopted this tradition from the ancient Brahmins in India who believed that the sun re-entered Aries and finished its orbit round the earth on April 13. Wear your old clothes if possible 3. Those looking for more adventurous pursuits can hire a catamaran and explore the bay, set off on a fishing expedition or even soar up above while parasailing, which lets you enjoy a bird's eye view of this corner of paradise. The beach which runs for around 3.5 kms lets you indulge in some sun worshipping amidst glorious coastal sunshine. This significantly reduces energy consumption and carbon footprint.