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Forex Strategy Trading Tips The Forex Trading Every Trader Should Use

Date Added: June 04, 2014 12:26:38 AM
Author: Brandon Perrone
Category: Games: Board Games

As I was preparing to trade the currency markets today I used my regular pre-trading routine. I follow exactly the same routine day after day and it makes it possible for me to become more organized and proficient as a trader and as a businessman. As part of my Forex strategy trading helpful hints I would like to share with you a checklist that every currency trader should use in order to be more effective, more organized, and elevate your return on investment. Check your open trades and track their performance: This should be the first step you take once you get to your computer. Check all of your open positions and track their performance. In many occasions stop losses need to be moved to break even or you want to take profit early because of an incoming event (such as non- farm payroll). One of my mentors once told me that "everything that matters should be assessed", this clearly applies to spot trading. Analyze the market before you place any brand new trades: I cannot stress enough that you must to analyze the market before you open any trades. When you are in a trade you are not the same. You are thinking about the trade all the time and you are more likely to make non-sense decisions. At the same time, you will be hitting your head if you see anything in the market that creates a conflict with a trade you already took. Read the news or read a news calendar: I am most of a technical currency trader than a fundamental Fx trader; nevertheless, I still try to stay up to date in what is going on globally. One of the resources that I utilize to analyze the fundamentals of the foreign currency exchange market is the news calendar. A news calendar provides you with a list of all the important events that are happening in the global economy. A lot of them also tell you the expected influence that each specific news event will have on the Forex market. Check your risk, stop loss, and tale profit values: small things can make a big difference in Forex trading and tiny mistakes can cause large losses. This is the reason why I always check my risk, take profit levels, and stop loss levels. That's the only way for me to guarantee that that everything is working fine and that I am going to meet my trading goals. Never let a small mistake become a large loss: I chose to include this one as part of the Forex trading checklist because I have seen many traders lose money this way. We are all human and we will commit mistakes from time to time. One of the most common errors traders make is taking a trade on accident. I have done it and all pro Forex traders have. This is not that big of a mistake unless you let run and become a larger loss. My advice to you is that if you ever take a trade mistakenly close it immediately, never let a small mistake turn into a big and unnecessary loss! I Hope you enjoyed my Forex strategy trading recommendations please check back regularly as we post numerous times each week. Sincerely, Jay Molina Professional Forex Trader & adviser