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From Porn Star To Painter

Date Added: July 01, 2014 12:21:23 AM
Author: Melba Hamlet
Category: Sports: Water Sports

I had just turned 18 so of course I went to a video store and asked for an X-rated movie. I was old enough. I'm an adult. But...I told the guy..."it had to be something with a good story". There's a shame factor. A story somehow was an antibiotic that would cleanse the stigma of porn of all its bad and dirty bacteria. The porn industry is bigger than traditional Hollywood for a reason. Because we are basic animals at heart. We enjoy sex. We enjoy thinking about it (supposedly a man thinks about it every 1.2 seconds on average. Not sure what magician of science came up with that statistic.). We objectify, and we then fantasize across the entire spectrum over what is considered "normal" and what only stays in the realm of fantasy. (there's a reason for this image. wait for it). What the heck am I writing about here? I wake up the other day and got a nice first email to start the day: Ben wrote: I like your recent posts. You seem like a smart guy. Keep at it. Website: website - I wrote back, "thanks, it's nice to start the day with an email like this." Then, like I almost always do, I checked out his website. I don't make the assumption that everyone who is smart enough to reach out to me has a great website but I'm always curious. It takes a lot to send an email to a random person on the web whose material you like. I think it shows good character. So it makes me curious what they do, how they exhibit their character on the web. And perhaps I can return the favor of the compliment. So I went to and I really liked a lot of the paintings. I have no eye for anything. I barely have an eye. But I've written about art before: (See, "Is Burton Silverman Dead Yet") or photographs (See "The Tooth") or even more cartoonish stuff (See "The Ugliest Painting in my House") and Ben's paintings appealed to me as well and I wanted to find out more. I wrote him that I liked the paintings and asked if he painted them (having some experience with forgery). He wrote back: "Ex-porn star, Steven St. Croix. 18 years. From Connectictu, started painting in 2006 on a whim and quit porn. Moved to France, met a girl, fell in love and stayed. I sell mostly to people who I meet here in the Cannes and Monaco area. I have a atelier/gallery in Grasse. 3 expos so far, one coming up in London during Frieze Week in October, trying to get into the corporate art market." WHOAH! Back it up a second! (all of these paintings are by Ben Banks. If you can't see the images then go to "Ex porn star".... "started painting in 2006 on a whim"...."quit porn..Moved to France." I looked him up on IMDB. He's been in over 792 movies. Probably 790 of them were porn movies with titles like "Eight is Never Enough" and "Deep Throat 6″. He was also in the mainstream movie "The Girl Next Door" (starring Elisha Cuthbert, see image above) which is ABOUT a porn star. Now I was beginning to be envious. A theme of this blog since last October is "transformation" - how we survive as humans through the travesties that wreck our ships and barely take us to shore. Life squashes us. It mashes our faces. It makes us do things that only the lowest prisoners would do. How do we survive that? Move on? Transform? So, of course I had to know more, using my typical hard-edged interview style: "I have to ask: was it fun being a porn star? Did you ever get performance anxiety? What made you even think you could paint? How did you start trying?" He wrote back: "It was fun! Lots of woman, getting recognized, drugs, easy life, travel. Eventually though, I grew out of it and wanted more in my life. I did get performance anxiety. Will this chick OD during the scene? Will my mother find out what I do? Is my dick big enough? Can they smell the scotch on my breath? Will there be meatloaf for lunch today? That sort of thing.... I knew a guy who was an artist who knew Pollock, Picasso, Clav, and some other big painters.I sketched some things on a placemat in a restaurant in Nice, he looked at them,looked at me in the eye and said "You need to paint. You have a good eye." A year later I picked up a canvas and paint and started on my living room floor. I just did it. I didn't have the fear of not being good. My early work was cool , but I'm much better now I think. It's very nice here but I'd like to expand to larger markets like Berlin NY and London. I've sold 18 of my latest series of 35 paintings. If you liked this article and you would such as to get additional details pertaining to commercial painting adelaide kindly see the web-site.